Creative Data Analyst and Evolving Data Scientist

  • Passionate continuing learner, and a collaborative co-worker with experience in mentoring peers
  • Skills and familiarity with a broad range of experimental, statistical, and machine learning techniques
  • Adept with converting vague requests into detailed requirements and actionable analyses
  • Fluent in SAS and SQL; advanced in Excel and SPSS; intermediate in Python, Linux, and Octave/MatLab

Senior Lead Informatics Analyst (June 2014 – Current)
Aetna – Health Data & Management Solutions (Chicago, IL)

  • Develop and maintain dynamic analytical reports for physicians and practices
  • Process large healthcare data sets for use as benchmarks
  • Provide subject-matter expertise on and assess the impact of upgrading various methodologies
  • Develop tools for ICD-10 migration and assist with ICD-10 conversion quality assurance
  • Technologies: SAS, SQL, Excel, UNIX / Linux, Netezza

Tutor (April 2011 – Current)
WyzAnt (Madison, WI area and online)

  • Independent tutor specializing in psychology, statistics, mathematics, and software
  • Prior experience: Tutor for college students with learning disabilities in math and statistics

Data Scientist (May 2012 – June 2014)
Healthgrades (Madison, WI)

  • Mined large healthcare databases to research internal requests
  • Automated several data manipulation and reporting processes
  • Enhanced ROI methodology for a vertical search platform
  • Developed prototypes and set standards for analyses, including competitive analysis and forecast data
  • Technologies: SQL, Python, Octave, Excel, Linux, Greenplum (PostgreSQL), Microsoft SQL Server

Programmer Analyst (July 2011 – May 2012)
UW HealthUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Health Innovation Program (Madison, WI)

  • Assumed role as a subject-matter expert on the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Designed, developed, and automated complex processes to manipulate data from the EHR
  • Developed algorithm to assign patients to a medical home and primary care physician
  • Combined data from the EHR with other data sources, including AMA and chart review data
  • Assembled data sets for statistical analysis by physicians for research purposes
  • Technologies: SAS, SQL, Excel, Epic Electronic Health Record

Clinical Data Analyst (July 2010 – July 2011)
UW HealthUniversity of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (Middleton, WI)

  • Automated several reports and processes, minimizing manual manipulation and human error
  • Developed ETL processes for pay-for-performance reporting and WCHQ quality measure data
  • Gathered and documented specifications for clinical analysis projects
  • Instituted the UW Health SAS User Group, increased SAS security, and documented setup
  • Technologies: SAS, SQL, Excel, Oracle, Epic Electronic Health Record, Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects

Health Care Analyst II (September 2008 – July 2010)
Dean Health Plan (Madison, WI)

  • Managed data aspects of HEDIS project, coordinating activity with a fellow analyst
  • Rewrote pattern analysis program associating patients with primary care providers
  • Developed a dynamic, robust program to identify patients based on diagnoses and other factors
  • Responded to ad-hoc requests for analyses regarding effectiveness and cost of care
  • Technologies: SAS, SQL, Access, Excel, Oracle, medical claims, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports

Researcher (September 2005 – July 2008)
Renaissance Learning (Madison, WI)

  • Completed a significant study analyzing the impact of educational software on student achievement for a non-profit organization, the Carmel Hill Fund
  • Conducted studies and statistical analyses with the goal of improving student achievement
  • Communicated results of research and analyses with employees, educators, and researchers
  • Reviewed K–12 educational research including the topics of achievement, disparities, and motivation
  • Technologies: SPSS, Excel, Access, Word

Previous Employment...

Academic Experience: Education, Training, and Publications

Machine Learning Certificate (July 2013)
Stanford University via Coursera

  • Techniques: Linear regression, logistic regression, neural network with backpropogation, support vector
    machines, K-means clustering, principal component analysis, anomaly detection, and recommender systems
  • Additional topics: Linear algebra, Octave (software), regularization, large-scale systems, system evaluation

Publications (April 2012)
SAS Global Forum

  • An Advanced, Multi-Featured Macro Program for Reviewing Logs (PDF)
  • Standardized Macro Programs for Macro Variable Manipulation (PDF)

Professional Training (2008 – 2011)

  • Epic Electronic Health Record: EpicCare Ambulatory, Resolute Professional Billing (2010)
  • SAS: Programming Essentials, Data Manipulation Techniques, SQL, Macro Language (2008–2009)
  • Crystal Reports XI: Level 1 and Level 2 (2010–2011)
  • America's Health Insurance Plans: Health Insurance, Company Operations, Managed Care Basics (2009–2010)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Music (May 2005)
University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

  • Focused on research methods, statistics, mathematics, and science
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.9 GPA) with Honors
  • Designed and conducted a quasi-experimental study comparing traditional and non-traditional students
  • Collected, integrated, and analyzed student study behavior from survey data, academic records, and GPA
  • Recipient of a writing award and two research grants

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