Chris Swenson

Chris is a data scientist with 15 years of experience in education, insurance, healthcare, marketing, and research. He has worked in every stage of analytics, including data collection, data transformation, reporting / graphing, statistical analyses, and machine learning.

Chris is currently a student at Pennsylvania State University in the Masters of Applied Statistics program. He  graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Music, emphasizing research with the completion of an independent study and honors thesis.

Chris currently lives in Fitchburg WI, with his wife, Kyra; son, Luca; and daughter, Astrid. He has a cat, Renee, and a dog, Inoki. Chris and his wife enjoy ballroom dance, and he enjoys classical music and playing piano.

Chris also writes a blog, Thoughts from Both Sides of the Brain, about various topics related to his career and professional interests.

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