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Community Accolades

SAS Macros (website)

Ruhel Hussain, Statistical Programmer
"I have used your CheckLog macro during my time at university and it has been very beneficial ensuring my program logs are clean, so thank you very much for that!"
Nathan Champlin, SAS Intelligence Platform Administrator, Bureau of Automotive Repair of California
"I just wanted to thank you for all the great code you provide. In particular, the CheckLog macro and its supporting VB scripts reliably report on a dozen automated ETL processes that our agency depends on. All your extra effort making the macro versatile, robust, and well documented enabled someone with absolutely no macro language experience (me), to successfully implement CheckLog."
Hung Tam Nguyen, Principal Analyst, Models and Risk Measures:
"My co-worker and I have been reviewing your script with great interest. It is by far the most advanced and well-documented SAS script I ever came across. We are especially impressed by your constant efforts in maintaining and improving the script."


John K., Student, via WyzAnt Tutoring
"Chris is a nice guy. He is easy to work with and worked with my busy schedule. Evenings or weekends didn't matter. He adapted to my learning needs and provided me with the skills I needed to pass statistics."

Professional References

CPM Healthgrades (Website)

I was nominated for employee of the month. For details, read my blog post, Pizza Day Award.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Website)

David Pokorny, Clinical Data Project Coordinator
"While working at the Health Innovation Program at UW-Health, Chris exhibited a keen attention to detail and a knack for process improvement. He often caught errors and identified issues that had slipped past others. With a solid command of SAS, Chris always produced work of the highest quality with great efficiency. Chris may very well have a macro for just about everything!"
Jeff Havlena, Health Sciences Researcher
"Put simply, Chris is a gifted data scientist and a joy to work with. He not [only] wields a formidable command of SAS and data science, but is a quick and ingenious study committed to finding the most suitable, high-quality and technically correct approach to every problem. Chris is fearless when presented with even the most daunting challenge; he is eager to learn and share new technologies and techniques, and never hesitant to ask questions or consult with peers. I enjoyed working alongside Chris, and would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him again."

University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (Website)

Joseph Caparula, Senior Reporting Applications Specialist:
"Chris fulfilled his role as a Clinical Data Analyst with an exemplary level of quality and performance. His attention to detail and deep knowledge of clinical processes made his insights and ideas invaluable to our management of quality performance metrics. He was also able to creatively present this data in a variety of compelling ways utilizing his broad knowledge of health informatics applications and analytical tools. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for any position that requires an eye for detail and a passion for data-driven analysis."
Grace Flood, Associate Medical Director of Quality and Safety Improvement:
"Chris is a very meticulous and effective clinic data analyst who completed multiple projects for us in a timely manner."

Dean Health Plan (Website)

Rob Rohde-Szudy, Performance Measurement Coordinator:
"Chris has a keen analytical mind and a sometimes uncanny ability to dive right to the root of a problem. Additionally, his ability to thoroughly document processes has often smoothed the road when it would otherwise have been quite a bumpy ride. It has been a pleasure to work with Chris, and I am confident he will excel in any endeavor he feels qualified to pursue."
Tanya Buchanan, Business Analyst III:
"Although I only worked with Chris for 4.5 months, he proved to be a very valuable and knowledgeable asset to our HEDIS project team. He is very detail-oriented and had thorough knowledge of the national compliance rates and measures required for health insurance companies. His diligence in creating automated testing processes and defect identification tracking was very helpful during the interface validation phase of our project. He would be a great asset to any business informatics team."
Kristine Williams, Project Management Professional, Dean Health Plan:
"While working together at Dean Health Plan, I had the pleasure to manage a project that Chris supported. The project was an ETL rewrite project of great complexity. Chris carried critical path responsibilities for analyzing data. I found him to be extremely dependable, thorough, insightful and forward thinking - an all around great team member. I truly valued his contributions and work efforts. We were sad to see him leave our team!"

Renaissance Learning (Website)

Rachel Sterk, Human Resources Manager:
"Chris is very personable, thorough, and has excellent follow-through. Chris could be counted on to go above and beyond and even think of things that none of the rest of us had even considered. He is technologically savvy, friendly, and has a great work ethic."
Marv Noltze, Research Programmer:
"Chris did a lot of high level statistical analysis and reporting on our client schools. His work was commended by senior company managers and I admit, I use his work as examples today for categorizing and presenting results graphically. Chris has a great knack for detail and understanding the correct methodological approach and I continue to learn a lot from him."
Eric Stickney, Director of Educational Research (from a letter of recommendation):
"Chris’ technical skills are outstanding. He has a very solid foundation in statistics and became highly skilled with SPSS software, serving as a resource for others in the company. Not only could he run descriptive statistics and statistical tests on data, but could accurately interpret the results and communicate findings and implications, both in writing and verbally. Another important quality that Chris brings is an inquisitive mind. If analysis results seem unusual he will investigate thoroughly until questions are answered and he is satisfied both with the integrity of the data and the correctness of procedures used for managing and analyzing the data.

"To be successful working with large amounts of data, superior organizational and data management skills are required, and Chris consistently demonstrated ability in these areas as well. Procedures for organizing and working with data were always clearly and professionally documented.

"Coupled with his quantitative skills, he also has an advanced understanding of research methodology, and was often called upon to review and summarize journal articles and technical reports either in writing or verbally in ways that a nontechnical audience (e.g., company sales person, classroom educator, etc.) could understand. Chris wrote several widely used reports, summaries of research, and papers describing Renaissance Learning products."

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (Website)

Greg Cook, Professor of Psychology:
"Chris Swenson is very intelligent and performs high-quality work. With his positive attitude and strong work ethic, Chris make a valuable contribution to any project. He is particularly strong with research design and data analysis, though he has many other skills as well."